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whole lot worse bypassing the obama care law that cost another trillion dollars. >> neil: i'm sure that the rest of the meeting went well. i'm trying to give the president the benefit of the doubt saying what did he mean by that and he could be saying all right, rein in medicare and medicaid and social security and healthcare health related entitlements and you don't have a problem. that is sort of like saying on pluti i would be svelte. i'm not sure i buy the analogy. it is what it is. medicaid and medicare and down the road social security they are all suffering from the same problem too little money coming in for the money going out now or soon to go out. >> you are giving the president even too much credit there. if you read what the left is saying about the budget problem reit now what they are saying is it is a healthcare problem and they don't mean a medicare medicaid problem. they would say it is the private sector healthcare costs that are out of control and that is why we can't get any of
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the other spending under control. >> neil: even if you worked on healthcare tonight you would still have a lot of headache tomorrow. i can not see the guy who looks at these books i would assume more than i do because he is the president then he would quickly understand money in/money out. >> this is the reason why if you listen to you played that clip b nancy pelosi saying we will look for more tax increases this year. you have the two sides talking totally past each other. the republicans saying hell no, you just had the tax increase. this weekend people like dick durbin and nancy pelosi said we want even more revenue. the point i'm making neil what i came away from with the conversation with the speaker is this is only the second inning of in budget fight and we will see this as a protracted battle on the debt ceiling, on the sequester and continuing resolution. we will see this over and over
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again over the next six to nine months. >> neil: one of the things i love about not only your reporting but your akron is you cut to the core of the problem. and you explain to me, maybe i was a dope after the fact, i realize reading your account of this, that is why we are not getting anything done because they just don't think we have to. >> and let me relate one other thing that i found was really fascinating -- >> neil: that the president watches me all the time? i already know. but go ahead. >> we have the whole fiscal cliff debate. there were two fiscal cliffs. the tax cliff and then the spending cuts and sequester cuts hand is fascinating with the discussions is speaker boehner told me it wasn't until the second-to-last day after five weeks that the president even brought up the issue the sequester because president obama who created the sequester remember during the debt limit when they couldn't reach a resolution on the debt limit the president thought the republicans weren't going to say we can't live with the
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sequester. john boehner said i never brought it up. the president said we democrats can't live with the sequester. the reason that is important neil is the republicans have a strong card to play. democrats can't turn that off until they negotiate on the entitlements that you and i know is really driving the spending problem. >> neil: you negotiate out of fear. you are fearful to ever negotiate. bottom line. great reporting and great insight as always. >> thank you, neal. >> neil: they have to hike taxes even more. >> do you then agree with the republican leader in the senate mr. mcconnell who says we are done now with the taxing side of it and now have to concentrate on spending? is that done now? is the revenue side taken care of it now? >> it is not. >> are you then saying to the upper classes get ready you are going to have to pay some more?
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this is not the end of it? >> i'm saying that is not off the table. >> neil: democrats pushing for a trillion bucks in new tax revenue. charlestocharles is charged wie charge card out. what do you make of this? >> seems like damn skippy we are not done with the tax hike. >> neil: they said $1.6 trillion was the open oing tax hike bid. they got 600 billion. >> a year ago they would have been happy. we know the 1.6 was something of a gamble. she took it to heart, though. nancy pelosi, though, i will give her credit. she voiced exactly what everyone thought. we know the democrats want another trillion dollars but this is what i didn't like about the interview. somehow they would only hit the rich. somehow the rich should brace for even more. everyone watching the snow just took a whack. any one that got a pay check over the weekend knows it is not all about the rich.
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hell, yeah, you put them out front and make it all about class warfare. the fact of the matter is i thought the president, i'm really shocked. he got almost everything he wanted but i'm shocked he didn't fight for the payroll tax. >> neil: for no other reason than cover. it provided opportunity for a lot of folks to say 80% of the people are paying higher taxes at the beginning of the year. >> exactly neill i think it was a shell game with the payroll tax thing. be that as it may, it now it is incumbent on the president to explain that how it is that 80% of the american people are getting hit with a tax hike. >> absolutely. here is the real point. they were so desperate for any amount of money they could get to keep the whole shenanigans going. the corporate welfare in the whole thing is another story. any one who picked up the torn and got behind the president and said let's get those rich you know what. be careful because sooner or later you will say wow, these seem to get smaller and smaller and one day you will be in
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front of your own house with a torch like what the hell, howdy get here? >> neil: charles, don't give ideas. do you get a sense that republicans while they say they won't bend on tax hikes and they had their fill of them. will bend in other areas like further limiting deductions and doing the kind of sort of backdoor things that will appease the president and still get their spending? >> that was a great piece by steven moore. having watched this and reading that piece i'm worried that the republicans could bend more to your point. but i think the general public needs to be worried because there are other types of taxes coming. nancy pelosi said something that was really interesting about how to get the taxes. she says she was fairly agnostic about it. in other words, just throw the hook out there and whatever we pull up in the net that is what we pull up. any one out there that doesn't think that personal ex. exemptions won't eventually be on the
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table. when you talk about healthcare, problem your employer that is paying for your healthcare that is an economic benefit and the government will come after that, too. a gas emissions tax and national sales tax. all of this stuff is still on the table. where the republicans draw the line and continue to fight remains to be seen. i do know all of these things are on the quivers. >> neil: but when taxes start going up they don't stop cold. >> and they want that trillion dollars. they really do want it and reading again reading steve moore's article and watching how this played out they should feel confident they can push over the republicans and get it. >> neil: they feel they have their number now. charles payne. meanwhile, shut the government down. arizona republican governor says if that is what it takes to start cutting the spending then do it and do it now. congressman, i know a number in the media were shocked at your standing by that but you still stand by that.
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explain. >> absolutely. i came to washington this time to cut spending and to balance the budget. i didn't come there to be a congressman again. i came there to do a specific job. used to say i like to fight for the next generation to make sure we don't pass those tax burdens on to them or paying the debt back to them. but it is not about future generations any more. it is about the guy that retires tomorrow. and so, frankly, i believe we have got a very, very tough job to do and it going to take some tough love and after this latest bait and switch by pelosi and the president where they said just give us these revenues, these tax increases and then we'll roll over and play dead, that is not what they are doing. unless republicans man up and show that we are are willing to fight the fight and do what has to be done we are not going to balance the budget. and just like the old commercials, either pay me now or pay me a lot more later. we have seen what has happened across the atlantic. we are not immune from that
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kind of thing. i want to make sure that we take care of our problem now. so -- >> neil: the idea of shutdown and welcoming it if that is the only way you can bang some heads i see where you are coming from. do you mind being even some within your own party, congressman who say that is throwing grenades? >> i believe these are very desperate times and i believe that ehave to employ everything that we possibly can. it is not my first option. i would hope that the president -- >> neil: apparently not speaker boehner's first option and not mitch mcconnell's first option. a lot of the prominent republican ares say it is not their first option. you say it should be on the table. >> it should be on the table and be an option. we sh should do whatever it takes to make sure that we get this budget balanced because america is in the balance and frankly i came here to balance the budget as quickly as we possibly can. i serve under a democratic
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president -- >> neil: you have some vinegar and fight in you and whether people support your position or not you you are one of the few who is not afraid to state it. i get a sense from a lot of your colleagues they are running around with like their tail between their legs and afraid of their own shadow. what happened to republicans? >> if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. i served in congress when bill clinton was president. i there was for a government shutdown. i was there for the impeachment of bill clinton. i was there for welfare reform. a whole host of different things and i want to tell you something, i believe that if this president truly starts not just talking the talk but walking the walk we can get to a bipartisan is solution. we he have to fix social security and medicare. there are lot of people that are going to be hurt very, very badly if we don't draw the line in the sand now and fix social security and medicare and get
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our country back on a path to fiscal health and i believe we ought to be willing to do whatever it takes to be statesmen and stand up for this country and do things right. >> neil: i admire your guts. great to have you. >> thank you. >> neil: meanwhile, checking out the strippers on the polls that taxpayers have to grin and bear it? and go ahead and bully your coworker and bad mouth your boss on facebook. these guys have your back. and ask yourselves why do they have your back? so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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♪ >> neil: see, i told. >> see, i told you you don't need money to have fun. >> neil: if only uncle sam was
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as cheap as al bundy. to the republican, new york state senator says strip this now. john, good to have you back. what do you make of this and how -- tell me what s going on here? >> well, what i make of it is just common sense to stop people from using what is like an atm card. it is an electronic benefits transaction card where you can actually use the money you are are getting for public assistance and food stamps to go forward and pay for sin type events. whether it be sex exhibits at a stripperrer club whether it be alcohol, whether it be tobacco, whether it be a lottery ticket and just makes no sense and we have known that this has been happening in new york state and the senate controlled by republicans passed this bill 59-3 and unfortunately the assembly won't even take it up. >> neil: why won't they even
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take it up. >> that s a good question. if someone can give me a reason we might be able to deal with it. the only reason i heard of by some of the people that are against it and the few that are at least in the senate is that people should be able to use their income just like if they were working and discretionary income can be used any way they want and the answer s logical this s not discretionary income. this is income they are getting from the taxpayers for specific purposes. food and housing and the like. >> neil: so if they extend that beyond food and housing to alcohol, and other vices in this case if that s how you see it, then people could seize on this and say well, with the best of intentions you set a slippery slope here. i didn't mean the pole analogy here. but by argument something like this. then you have to police what they are buying at store. if they are buying bakery products or potato chips that,
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too, should be policed because that, too, is bad. >> you are taking the slippery pole to the extreme here at this point in time. >> neil: i don't know. i'm fixated on the pole. go ahead. >> not a slippery slope. prohibiting certain transactions that clearly is is not the food or housing selection. it is a selection for things that the public should not pay for. >> neil: do you know what i think is a bad idea the electronic card that looks like a debit card and credit card and feels like one and acts like one. slices through a register like one. that there is no way that that is a good idea. that is might be efficient in this electronic age but it is swipe then for trouble. >> it obviously caused some trouble but if we can do away with the illegal or the improper purchases then i think the savings in paper work s worth doing. one other thing, the federal government gets criticized an
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awful lot but a bill was signed last february which basically said that if the state does not eliminate the use of public assistance money for these types of events that have nothing to do with helping the poor, then the states that don't get rid of these types of opportunities will lose at least, new york state up to $120 million in federal assistance. so we have got to do it for that reason as well. although it is common sense we should do it anyway. >> neil: the old carrot and stick. i will leave it at that. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> neil: why are you the one getting ripped off? welcome to the new mile ayy-ayy-ayy club. [ woman ] if you have the nerve to believe that cookie cutters should be for cookies, not your investment strategy. if you believe in the sheer brilliance of a simple explanation.
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>> neil: forget finding your bag.
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try finding your pilot. any pilot. a massive pilot shortage may be taking off leaving you to pay up. to michael boyd on just how pricey this could get. first off, what s going on here? >> what you have is a lot of pilots reaching the mandatory retirement age. from 2001 to now they haven't hired a lot. when they retire there is not a lot of people behind them and those gaps have to be filled somehow or you and i will be taking amtrak. >> neil: we know there are fewer planes which could explain why they are so full but it could compound the problem? >> there are 100 fewer in the sky this year than last year. what will happen is if you can't fuel the cockpit we will have a situation where the airline industry will be a lot smaller and where you can fly will be a lot fewer places. >> tell us what we are looking at here? >> a situation where air travel
1:23 pm
is going to be probably in the next five years 10% to 12% more expensive just because of this problem. forget fuel and they will be able to fly to fewer places because we are not going to be able to put people in the cockpit. being an airline pilot today s a whole lot more work than it used to be. the pilot unions, they are telling their kids don't become a pilot. >> a lot moved into private aviation because the money and hours are saner and better. where do you see this going? you talk about ticket prices going up a minimum 10%. in this environment it could go up more than that, couldn't it? >> absolutely. no question about it. the reality is if we don't have the seats out there, what is left will be exceeded by the demand and that means it going to go up. the other challenge, we have the regional unquote airlines. you have to pay probably three quarters of a million dollars to get trained just to get the privilege of riding as a
1:24 pm
copilot and living in newark and getting paid $30,000 a year. that doesn't encourage a lot of new entrants. >> neil: i guess not. michael boyd on all things flying or in this case not flying. i think abe lincoln just turned in his grave. nancy pelosi now using an amendment he all but inspired to bury us all. i'm william devane. ♪
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>> neil: well, if republicans are saying something is stinking lincoln and it ain't the president who thought racial equality. nancy pelosi seizing on the 14th amendment to say its provision about the validity of our debt also provides an opening for the president to raise the debt ceiling without congress saying a peep. now, we couldn't get lincoln and we couldn't get nancy but we did get danny as an illinois democratic congressman danny davis who is fine with all of this. good to have you. thanks for coming. >> well, thank you very much. you know, i agree that lincoln was a bold president and he made some bold and tough decisions and that is why many people think he was one of the best presidents we ever had. >> neil: i would agree he but i would -- i would hasten to add i don't think he would be onboard with playing games with constantly raising the debt ceiling, do you? >> i don't think that we are are constantly raising it but i do believe and i agree with --
1:29 pm
>> neil: well, we have done it 52 times in the post war period, right? >> we have done it but we always paid our debts and we don't quibble about paying debts. it is something that we know we have to do. we make them and we must pay them. >> neil: congress appropriates the funds and you can't come back later on and say we are not paying. i do see the wisdom of that. but i see it also in the power of congress to decide that and not nix the congress and trust a rather loose interpretation of an amendment put together in 1868 to force the issue. >> i think we can avoid that and we can avoid it if we create enough jobs for our people to be able to work, then, of course, they are paying as we go. >> neil: absolutely. you're right. this becomes a moot point if the economy picks up. but you you know what troubles me, congressman. you and i have chatted about,
1:30 pm
well, kind this of before. that we spend an enormous amount of time coming up with creative ways to either raise the debt ceiling, come up with a trillion dollars coin for the federal reserve, have a backstop to raise the debt ceiling but never address what got us to these gymnastics in the first place. why don't we? >> usually the reason that we don't is because that would solve problems but we also don't because the same people who keep making money because of the debt ceiling being upward when you have got to borrow money somebody is earning money. somebody is making money. and it certainly is not those individuals at the bottom of the barrel. >> neil: the reason why we are in the peckle we ar pickle we s
1:31 pm
because we keep printing money and spending money. do you think we a spending problem? >> i think we finance our government with the idea that we keep providing opportunity for the money managers, the money lenders, the money changers and it is kind of like billy holliday used to say, them that's got shall get. >> neil: don't play the same cold game and cater to them. >> we already made the decision we have to borrow. >> neil: stop like you tell an alcoholic put the glass down. stop, stop, stop. >> i tell you, i don't have a problem. >> neil: we are up on the brink congressman saying this game
1:32 pm
stops and we stand up and we all say we are all alcoholics and it has got to stop now. >> i also think you got to say that you take responsibility for the decisions that you make and if you have borrowed you got to pay. >> neil: understood but when you keep doing this what you are saying is we can't make tough decisions so we will keep raising the ceiling is so we don't have to. >> well, we could change the way that we operate and change the way that we finance government. you know, why don't we -- >> neil: what do you think lincoln would say if he were to come back and look at the games that republicans and democrats say when it comes to the debt ceiling and spending money that we don't have. what do you think he would say? >> he would probably say let's stop playing games and change the way that we function. >> neil: i think you're right. and on that a we agree. congressman thank you. a pleasure having you. >> thank you, indeed, it is a pleasure. >> neil: by the way, great pipes. a great voice.
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there are no outs in this game. >> how you is that possible? >> h her hit until they get on base. >> siriusly? >> seriously. >> let me ask you something. how do you even know who is winning? >> in this league we don't keep score. every game ends in a tie. >> neil: that was no joke. nobody loses? sign me up. but if a new study has it right, this everyone is special, no one is a loser mentality is backfiring more than ever college students are feeling entitled to good grades, good jobs and good pay well, because they had good lives where they have never been tested or called a loser and psychologis psychologist rg
1:37 pm
says shepard smith are setting themselves up for failure. if you have never been a loser you are not prepared. >> right. because the real world can be very difficult. there are many good things in real life but there are many, many challenges. basically if kids are being brought up with the idea everything is going to be easy and they will graduate college and be c.e.o. and a billionaire they are going to be very he did he pressed and anxious when -- depressed and anxious when things don't work out that way. >> neil: we have it in our nature to be competitive and to be nasty about it and i can underand it the logic for the phenomena was a kinder gentler approach to all of this. but we overdid it, didn't we? >> if part it is parenting. parents saying we want the kids to have really good elf
1:38 pm
self-esteem. >> if you are going to tell your child they are good at something make sure it is something they are really good at. make sure it is something the world will also reenforce them for. because if not you are just blowing up their ego and you are giving them a false sense of who they are. i think that is part, if the parenting. the sense the entitlement. it is like you are living your life trying out for a reality tv show. >> like "american idol." where do these people think they could sing? i think their parents said boy, you have a voice. >> at least i know my limitations there. >> neil: and they try out and you realize you are awful. but someone has told them report group around them has told them, boy, you have a voice, you are gifted when they are actually not. and you can be led into the wrong field. >> think about technology. it is about protester promotin.
1:39 pm
i got a cup of coffee. let me tweet about it. >> neil: le why do people do that? >> they want to feel connected and want people to know they exist. >> neil: do people on the reading end of that care? >> not really. probably not. >> neil: are we that insecure? >> it is kind of like an adolescent mindset. like i exist if somebody knows i'm there. you can take a picture of yourself a million times. there is a little icon where you mark it and all of a sudden instead of taking a picture of somebody else you are taking a picture of yourself. >> neil: how does that work? >> you know. i think it is kind of this cultural mindset where everything happens quickly. >> neil: but it seeps into your mindset and expectations so we are shocked when we enter the corporate world we are not good at what we thought we were good at. what is the solution. as parents we have to be
1:40 pm
bruteally honest with your kid? >> if your kid is good as something you want them to feel good. success takes time. it doesn't happen immediately. it takes hard work. it is having a high expectation for your child but training them for the real world. things don't happen immediately and if you want something it sakes perseverance. >> neil: i wanted to be an astronaut as a kid. my mom said you can be anything you want to be. they took me to cape kennedy and i look at the rocket and my dad points to the rocket and said see, you can't fit in the capsule. so i became a tv anchor. >> gretchen: pain. >> painfully honest. >> one was and one was just sweet. >> and fuming about your boss on facebook. you are the twit and your boss could say you are history, too.
1:41 pm
the national labor relations board says so fast. who is right. attorneys tamara holder and mercedes cowan here to try this. >> i think the nlrb clearly said that people are protected in their comments whether on twitter or facebook or whatever they post the comments but they are protected except if it becomes something of a defamiliar torrey nature. companies are trying to limit people from organizing or are their union workers from organizing on twitter or facebook and what is what some of the recent rulings have prevented the companies from preventing employees from doing. >> neil: mercedes? >> how outrageous that an agency that was created in 1935 in response to the industrial age somehow has relevance nearly 100 years later. and why do they have relevance. in they are are entering into an area they shouldn't be in.
1:42 pm
how dare they say you can't monitor your employees. you can't provide a safe working environment because you know what frankly if someone is getting bullied at work and the statistics are staggering. 154 million people in the workforce one out of six bullies -- are being bullied at work. 24 million people believe they are being bullied at work and the nlrb says you can't look into area facebook. >> that is not that they said. what ruling -- what ruling -- >> and not abusing people in the work place. i mean that is what is so outrageous. >> neil: you don't think that is what the nlrb is up to? >> absolutely not. i have the rulings right here. and hispanics united they fired five workers because they were talking about productivity on one facebook page using their own computers and nlrb said you can't fire people for this. why would people be he upset that others have a freedom of speech in this country and they
1:43 pm
can coast what they want? this has nothing to do with -- >> but it is not about how you treat each other. >> neil: i want to be clear on your position, accept yea or nay the rick of what we put online and let the chips flow where they may? >> i think there is a limitation. >> the nlrb should or should not intervene to say enough is enough. >> number one a complaint has to be filed. this isn't just some intervining for any reason. you have to file a >> neil: what if your boss fires you and doesn't say it is something he caught of you on facebook doing something suggestive or crazy but finds another excuse but you sense it is because of that? >> then you should file a complaint. maybe a different civil rights claim, a 1983 claim. but the nlrp has a right to investigate. >> neil: that is a leap, is it not? >> it is terms and conditions of employment. that is what concerted activity
1:44 pm
protected by the federal laws is. but one says my boss sucks and mycoworkers suck, i hate them and i want to kill them and abuse them and beat them up, that is not protected. the fact that the nlrb is stepping forward. >> neil: killing i can understand. if you say your boss sucks that is fair game, right? >> it is. and why should the nlrb say you can't fire someone for saying the boss sucks. that has nothing to do with terms of employment. some places they say that is okay and others they don't. >> neil: i want to thank you. i wish we had more time. i'm actually happy we don't. who knew. turns out that there is a dead ringer duplicate. same deal. same pig.
1:45 pm
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1:48 pm
>> neil: pork as easy and cut and paste. turns out all of the extra spending in the fiscal cliff deal wasn't anything new. copied from an old bill. i'm not kidding. my next guest pushed to pack it all in. tim for the washington examiner. he does it again and again and again. good to have you. what happened here? >> back in august the senate finance committee passed a bill with 50 different tax extensions. these are are special tax credits. not about tax rates or deductions and exemptions. $73 billion just the next year i think and that passed the senate committee never made it to the senate or the house and at the 1th hour got stuck into the fiscal cliff bill, the must pass legislation. multiple republican sources told me that it was president obama who absolutely insisted on it. then when i called the white house every day almost for the
1:49 pm
last week they are not returning my calls to ask are they the ones who put in the bill. >> neil: how is this double-a counting or double booking if you will are are these matters tharp already addressed, spending that was already out there or just maybe the second time is a charm and we will get it passed? >> again, these were existing special tax breaks set to expire. >> neil: that continued. >> on december 31 and were pushed on. thereless go is to be a fight if they took up the bill. some things more bipartisa like research and development. a lot were contentious things that would have been killed through the regular legislative process but instead got stuck into the must pass legislation. the great thing is that the number the cost of these to the treasury report cost of these corporate tax extenders is more than obama s gaining for his tax hikes for the rich. he hiked taxes on rich to pay for corporate welfare.
1:50 pm
>> neil: which essentially is spending when all is said and done. >> these are tax credits but some are refundable. some you get a tax credit and it could ex-sea exceed your coe tax bill. paying we he will pay you money to engage in these particular industries. wind mills. algae, or that sort of thing. >> neil: seems a good pork package never dies. >> republicans in the house said no more ear marks. instead of special towns getting their own bridge funded special corporations are getting their special little carveouts whether rummakers or algae ethanol people or in the case of ge, wind mills and international financial sub subsidiaries. >> neil: why wouldn't democrats seize on that because that is the stuff they would love to see? >> shows the hypocrisy.
1:51 pm
the question is can republicans who say they oppose spending will they come out against the corporate welfare or only oppose sort of social spending. >> neil: thank you very much. if you haven't seen the movie on inco lincoln yet you shouldy before it is no longer in theaters and republicans you should try before you are no longer around, period.
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
>> neil: so finally got around seeing steven spielberg's movie lincoln. forget about, republicans should run to their nearest theater to see it then. maybe they will see remembering their past, but when republicans weren't pro business they were pro people a party that came into existence opposing slavery. to the notion that it's a party
1:55 pm
of all white men. a party thatman's nation in the dna deemed a political dinosaur and it doesn't make sense. it doesn't make sense that a party that defined itself providing opportunity for all. now gets bested by a party pushing for a government for all how could a party under whose pen you had anyone from farmers to factory workers to become the admonish mash it is now. watching lincoln i was reminded about a time when republicans stood for an opportunity for all and the president risked it all enshrining it into our constitution. forget about what happened to their constitution. what happens to ours. but under theodore roosevelt. what happened to that party that wants to keep our food safe and
1:56 pm
environment clean that could distinguish between regulations that matter to life and not beyond the meaningless one taxing business to death? that could disseven the difference between an smart government and excessive government that brought us our national parks. what happened to that party? the party whose first slogan, free soil, free men and now it's free fall. they have forgotten their past. a party that defined itself not what it could give you but the boundless opportunities this country could employ you. abraham lincoln i saw in that movie spoke at a time when republican ideals wasn't a script. it was their core. it was real. abraham lincoln was real. forget about harry reid trying to show democrats a movie that provided a lesson in backbone.
1:57 pm
how about republicans watch it on their own and then and then, maybe just look in the mirror. all right. we're going to have a lot more on this with rudy guliani picking apart what has happened to our country and to our party. it's a personal responsibility and providing opportunities for all. you are not getting it? they weren't ready for that. that is the kind of guy i am. so see you tonight. hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with the panel and it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five.
1:58 pm
>> kimberly: gun control debate is heating up and one of the common arguments from anti-gun advocates is that we don't need more guns. but sometimes guns save lives. two in georgia gaz whose home was invaded. it happened 30 miles from atlanta. when the person broke in the hid in the crawl space. when the suspect found them she shot him. it didn't kill him but sent him fleeing. because she was able to have that weapon she was able to save herself and her kids. he is currently under hospital under police custody. >> eric: that is whole point. gun control people, a lot of people say let's make it harder and more difficult. register every gun. they want to do all these things. problematic is what you are doing you are making it more
1:59 pm
difficult for law abiding citizens who want to have guns protect themselves like this lady and countless of hundreds of thousands that protect their own property and stuff from bad guys, hurt them. you inhibit them from getting guns and allow criminals to get guns. last i checked, heroin and cocaine are illegal, right? people still get heroin and cocaine, bad guys are getting it and they are breaking the law. >> so heroin and cocaine should be legal. >> no, it won't help banning guns and assault rifles. we already have an assault rifle ban. >> greg: i was just joking. >> dana: i don't know how i feel about this. i'm trying to be open-minded to see what vice president biden comes back with after the president gave him that resns

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